Woodstock, Live

A few weeks ago, during one of the many snow storms we’ve had this winter, I heard a loud “WHACK” at the bedroom window.  I walked over, saw little feathers plastered to the pane and knew we just had a bird strike.  I looked down and saw a tiny little thing pile driven into the snow.  I rushed outside and downstairs to where I spied the accident victim.  I gently pulled it out of the snow, expecting to see his neck flop to the side, broken.  But the head and neck were intact.  I put a finger against the breast and thankfully felt breathing and a very rapid heartbeat.  I cupped the little guy in my hands and headed for the garage where I could ask Poncho for something to put our patient in.  I wasn’t very hopeful that this bird would survive.  I imagined it had a pretty serious brain injury based on the sound it made when he hit the window.  But while I waited for a container with a clean t-shirt to be fashioned, this sweet little bird grasped its talons into the palm of my hand.  As best as I could tell the bird was a Bewick’s Wren.  When the container was ready, I very lovingly disengaged the wren from my hand and set him in the makeshift nest.  I set the lid on and took it upstairs.  Ginger, the cat, was shooed from the bedroom, and I placed the little bird in the window sill where he would get natural light through the clear plastic box.  I made sure the doors were closed and went to take a shower.  Knowing the chances weren’t good for survival, I was very pleasantly surprised to see the wren fluttering around in the box, trying to get out.  Amazingly, he had shaken off his stupor and wanted out . . . NOW.  So I opened the bedroom window and lifted the lid so that birdie would fly away from me and not into the house.  It took about two nanoseconds for him to realize that he was free.  With a tweet, tweet, and poop he took off back into the wild.  Out here in the country when a bird strikes a window, chances are rarely in its favor for survival.  A couple years ago we had a young Red Tail Hawk break its neck flying into a window.  So It really warmed my heart that I could provide this tiny little creature the warmth, safety, and time needed to recuperate from his accident.

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6 Responses to Woodstock, Live

  1. Moi says:

    I bet that hurt the little fella. I think I’ve only ever witness bird hit a window once or twice.

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