Red Sky At Night



“How’d that old saying go?” muttered Silas.  “Red dawn . . . red morning . . . oh yeah, now I remember.  Red sky at night, sailor’s delight, red sky at morning sailor’s warning.”

“I wonder where that came from?” he thought as he crouched behind the oak tree looking up toward the bedroom window of the Walker’s house.  Where ever the saying came from he knew that the red sky for him was lucky.  He pulled out his smart phone and snapped a quick photo to commemorate the night.  While the night may be providing him luck, it was meticulous planning that was going to result in the favorable outcome of tonight’s foray.

It all began innocently enough for the Walker’s.  Hiring Silas’s company to do the remodel work on their kitchen and bathrooms was no more that another good contract won by being the lowest bidder.  That fish symbol on the company logo always wins over the hardest fence sitting clients.  And the job really did start out as a standard remodel; no malfeasance was built in.

But the day Mr. Walker asked Silas and one of his crewmen to help move a big safe from the downstairs office up to the master bedroom closet, Silas’s imagination was set into motion.  Walker casually mentioned that he felt better having it closer to him at night.  He wasn’t sure he could hear someone if they tried to open it downstairs and he was upstairs sleeping.  So Silas and his crewman helped drag the safe upstairs and deposited it in the owner’s closet.  They then dutifully went back downstairs to the kitchen to resume their work.

However, all the rest of the day, and for the rest of the week, Silas couldn’t get that safe out of his mind.  It was an older safe, not the new digital kind that were almost impossible to crack.  This one had the knob that turned, allowing the tumblers to drop into place when the correct numbers in the correct sequence were selected, opening the door.  And Silas knew about those.  His uncle had been a safe cracker back in the day, had taught Silas the skills even though Silas never used them professionally.  That was going to change tonight.

After a couple of weeks watching the Walker house when the remodel job finished for the day, Silas got his chance.  Everyone was gone, dressed up for someplace fancy, all in a single vehicle.  Silas gave them a good ten minutes to return for something forgotten, then he picked up the bag his uncle left him when he went to Chino and crossed the yard.  He opened the side door to the garage with the key left to him by Mrs. Walker, quickly walked through to the kitchen door, stepped inside and punched the code to the alarm, courtesy again of Mrs. Walker.  That fish on the side of the company vehicles was definitely earning it’s keep.  He then strode upstairs to the master bedroom and the waiting safe.  A smile tugged at the corner’s of Silas’s mouth.

Yeah, red sky at night.


This bit of skullduggery is courtesy of the Fabulous Jester over at The Matticus Kingdom.

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6 Responses to Red Sky At Night

  1. djmatticus says:

    But… what’s in the safe?!?

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