Flames of Destruction

Fire . . . it’s one of those great equalizers.  It doesn’t care who you are, what you have, who you know.  It tears through everything, leaving total destruction in its path.  On September 4, through and act of juvinelle carelessness the Eagle Creek Fire started near Cascade Locks, OR.  With very warm temperatures, very low humidity, and a strong east wind, it quickly blew up into a major fire in the Columbia River Gorge.  And even with the Columbia as a very large, natural fire break, the fire managed to jump the river and start the Archer Mountain Fire in Skamania, WA.  Through the heroic and herculean efforts of firefighters, no lives were lost, and I believe only four structures were burnt.  But for those families whose structures were destroyed their lives will never be the same.

This first picture was taken back in the summer of 2013.  It gives a base of what the Gorge looked like.  The little haystack rock can be used as a focal point.



This next picture was taken about a week after the fire started.  We caught a bit of a break with some cooler westerly air flow.  You can see all the hot spots from the fire.


These last pictures were taken yesterday.  While the autumn contrast isn’t great the magnitude of the burnt forest can be seen.



As were rode up the Gorge yesterday on the motorcycle there were still plenty of hot spots burning.  This is even after we had 3 – 4 inches of rain last week.  This fire will in all likelihood continue to burn until we get a few weeks of constant rain.

The Gorge is a beautiful place to visit and live.  This has become my home and it pains me greatly to see what one moment of recklessness can do.

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