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Enter The Colosseum

  Ophelia could hear the roar coming from the end of the tunnel.  Each time she traveled the now familiar route she was always shocked by how raucous the citizenry could be. The dead and decaying leaves swirled around her … Continue reading

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A Day In The Life

6:30 am I hear the humans starting to move.  It’s still dark outside, but maybe it’s time for them to get up.  I’ve been waiting patiently for so long now.  I’m hungry.  Don’t they understand my needs?  Again, they are … Continue reading

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Ese’s Weekly Shoot & Quote Challenge – Memories

When I see the word ‘Memory’ or ‘Memories’ my thoughts always seem to go to the very powerful song from the musical CATS.  And thinking about the song always brings tears to my eyes.  If I could have one wish … Continue reading

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Dirty Little Kitten Prints

Dirty little kitten prints Muddy little paws Little feline footprints Over furniture and walls What is that noise outside Is it a buffalo stampede No it’s just my tabby cat Romping on the roof with ease You tear around the … Continue reading

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What Can I Say?

Is there anything more pitiful than a cat chasing it’s own tail? Ginger has done this on more than one occasion.  I think it usually happens when it’s cold and wet outside and she doesn’t go out to hunt.  So … Continue reading

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A View Off The Porch

    Several years ago I had a wonderful tortoise shell kitty by the name of Phantom.  I had rescued her out of a ditch when she was just a baby; not more than four to six weeks old.  For … Continue reading

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Purrrchance to Dream

Ginger was upset at all the activity going on in the cabin with us tiling the bathtub surround.  I guess she decided to do what I do when I’m stressed:  take a long road trip.

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