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Any Given Sunday

  It could be any given Sunday.  There she is, standing at the corner, in her usual running attire – tank top, shorts, and sneakers – her leg hooked over the other as she chooses what songs to listen to, … Continue reading

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End Of The Innocence

  Ever’ summer me an’ Bobby would get in all sorts a trouble.  It a start out the same; first day of summer break, Bobby would be at the kitchen door, bangin’ on the screen.  “Hey Mz. Peterson.  Can Billy … Continue reading

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Pale Rider

Caleb stopped shoveling for a moment to wipe the sweat that beaded on his forehead.  He rested his arms on the tip of the shovel’s handle and stared at the nearly filled in grave that he had been working on.  … Continue reading

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The Sky is Crying

Paul stared out the windows from behind his desk in the study.  The mist that had been threatening all day began to fall in earnest as a steady rain.  The gloom of the afternoon crept into his sanctuary making it … Continue reading

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The El Rey Club

Margaret looked up at the flickering neon sign above her. It flashed “The El Rey Club” in red with white lightbulbs surrounding it. She smiled faintly at the repetition in the name. Even if she was having trouble writing, she … Continue reading

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Chasing Ghosts

Matt stood in front of the gravestone with a bouquet of iris in his hands.  The marker was new, less than one month old.  Yet he could close his eyes and already trace every grey vein in the rose colored … Continue reading

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The Road From Hell

Under the high monotony of starry skies, my car speeds through the night.  The center stripes of the two lane blacktop lick at the front quarter panel.  Lunatic fringe thoughts race through my mind while my foot steps further into … Continue reading

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Night Watch

Slap . . . slap . . . gurgle . . . splash . . . gurgle. I listened to the incessant noise of the waves hitting the sides of the sailboat as it laid at anchor in the middle … Continue reading

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Grey Ghost

She moves in utter silence In sunshine and in shadow Her steps leaving no imprint On the mossy forest floor She steps over brush and bramble Her search is never ending To find the tenderest morsel The goal as always, … Continue reading

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On The Beach

Kate hugged Romeo around the neck as they stood under the shade of the lean to.  Romeo’s eyes were half closed, his ears twisted back in non interest, and his lower lip drooping with a nap that was beginning to … Continue reading

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