What’s your Poison

Harley Quinn

Way back in the Stone Ages of the mid to late 1970’s, I slathered myself in the perfume of the day, “Charlie”.  Many junior and high school girls did.  It somehow made us feel more mature, more worldly.

Of course, that wasn’t my first perfume.  How many wore “Loves Baby Soft”?  Talking about a sickly sweet baby powder smell.  I can still bring that scent memory up today.  And two minutes later, I’m sneezing.  But I digress for the moment.

In my twenties I really went all out with Calvin Klein’s “Obsession”.  One of the first really high end statement making perfumes.  But I couldn’t always count on it.  There were times that I put it on and my sinuses went into overdrive.  So I put that perfume aside.

Then in my 40’s a friend turned me onto Christian Dior’s “Poison”.  Now there’s a fragrance that shows up ten minutes before you do.

Once again, however, I could not always count on the perfume to not set my histamine reaction on fire.  Today, I positively cannot wear any type of combined fragrance.  They all send my sinuses into snot making overdrive, along with minutes long sneezing frenzies, and skin that I just want to claw out of.

And it’s not just the spray on or dab on colognes.  It’s the perfumes that are in everything today.  One of the worst, in my opinion (along with my nose’s), is the perfume in Tide.  That is one of the most cloying, choking, make me run out of the house perfumes ever.  Why does every single product for health and hygiene have to have tons of perfume in it?  It’s almost impossible to even find one deodorant that doesn’t have some sort of scent.  I want to stop the smell of my sweat, not smell like a rainforest on a hot August afternoon.

Now I don’t have a lot of problems with single scents like Lavender, or Rosemary, or Citrus or Spearmint or Pinon.  Those I still very much enjoy in small to moderate doses.

So, how many out there have the same issue as I have; an extreme histamine reaction to perfumes?  Or do you layer scent upon scent every morning and throughout the day?

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4 Responses to What’s your Poison

  1. Good walk down from childhood till now…yes perfumes leave a memory or get the memory back!

  2. mumsthewordblog1 says:

    OMG – Charlie and Poison – SO overpowering… I found as I grew older that subtle perfumes were best. My all time favourite is Caleche by Hermes ( naturally, because it’s so damn expensive!) 😊🐻

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