Like A Heart Attack

I have felt an overpowering somberness and seriousness fall over this country that I call home.  The buffoonery that keeps coming out of the nation’s capital each and every day has all but squashed any and all little happinesses that try to poke their heads above the ground.  I’ve noticed a terrible pall these past several weeks that has come over everyone that I encounter, even those who had hoped the current government would settle down and understand the seriousness of the position which they were put in.  There seems to be no honor expressed towards the residents of this country, no respect toward other leaders, and certainly no dignity in daily conduct.

Every day it seems there is some new executive order signed.  No regard is given to the fact that this country has a division of power.  Any changes in policies, procedures, and laws should be routed through the legislative branch.  And these changes should be constitutionally sound as reviewed by the judicial branch.

But the sycophantic legislative branch has also changed long held rules just so unqualified lackeys can be put further into positions of power for which they have no experience.  They changed the rules governing civilian oversight of the military so a very recently retired general with questionable stability can be put in charge of that military.  They have changed rules regarding how a potential cabinet member is approved by a committee so that they can circumvent those in dissent.

There have been some references to George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, and Neil Postman.  And while there are certain aspects of these authors’ insights that are very much a part of our society today, I would never give the current person in the White House that kind of credit.  We are more akin to a nation being governed by a reality television program.

I have often heard from those who are still rabidly supportive of the current administration that I and those like me should “grow up”, or “get over it” or “why didn’t you vote”.  I am grown up which is why I am continuing to voice my concerns.  No, I won’t get over it; this isn’t a stupid football game with no real consequence to the world.  And I did vote which is why I will continue to issue my minority report.

But for today, Poncho’s and my wedding anniversary, I am going to shake off this mantle of seriousness that has been thrust upon me and go have a day of fun.  I invite everyone who also wears this cape of despair to attempt every once and awhile to drape it across the chair; go run and be free for a moment. We might not have many more opportunities.

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6 Responses to Like A Heart Attack

  1. Moi says:

    By fair means or foul the president that was elected is and was never going to change when he actually got into office. All this chest puffing and prancing may actually come back and backfire leaving the US isolated.

    • I completely agree. But there were a few who actually believed it was an election ploy and that he would become more “presidential” when he took the oath. I do worry about the damage he is going to cause on a global scale and on a local scale.

      • Moi says:

        For me, my worry is more the global one. People with the kind of destructive power at there fingertips that trump and other world leaders have worries me… If you have the funds build your bunker now… Should you want to live that is

      • TEOTWAWKI is fast approaching. (the end of the world as we know it) What it will look like, will there be anyone to look at it, is anybodies guess. But I think London definitely needs a new pub. Are you still working on that (even just a little)?

      • Moi says:

        Yes… I have my licence now so I can sell it legally, I am going to a wine serving course this weekend and next and a spirits one in April, I just need a place and funds now.

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